Remind Me Faster

A quicker way to add Reminders on iOS

Remind Me Faster is designed for speed. It lets you add a reminder (to iOS's Reminders app) with as few taps as possible. Open the app and you're typing. Add a reminder and you're ready to type the next. It's optimised for when something crosses your mind.
Hi everyone! I’m Nick 👋 Remind Me Faster exists because I was frustrated with how many taps it took to enter a reminder + due date in the iPhone’s Reminders app. Apple's app has some great features, like shared lists and geofencing, but when something crosses your mind and you just need to write it down quickly Reminders just takes too long. So, when I couldn’t find what I was after in the App Store I decided I’d learn to code so I could build it myself. Remind Me Faster adhere’s to the ‘One Thing Well’ ethos, focusing solely on entering tasks / reminders with minimal friction. It doesn’t replace the Reminders app, it just lets you add tasks to that system much more quickly. • Swipe left or right to switch lists • Tap the list to return to your default • Create a due date with one tap, and increment it if needed • Added reminders can be viewed in the built in Reminders app • Dark mode & icon available The app is and will always be free. It has a 100% optional tip jar to help try to cover the yearly app store developer fee (and maybe even a coffee or two!). I hope some of your find it as useful as I do. I've got plenty more planned for future improvements and I'd love to hear any feedback you have, either on here or on twitter
I’ve been using the app for months. I literally use it every day. Perfect example of an app doing one thing super well! I highly recommend it!
@rfreling Thank you so much for the kind words! They mean a lot. Really happy to hear that you're finding it so useful.
While the iOS Reminders app is terrible, I use Siri to set reminders and interact with reminders on my lock screen everyday. Excited to give this a shot.
Was absolutely looking for exactly this for a long time. Thank you. iOS reminders app is awful but I want my reminders to stay permanently on the lockscreen which only seems to happen through the native app. Upvoting, tipping, telling others about it, rating in app store etc.
@aavvallas Antoine, thank you! I really appreciate the tip and spreading the word. I hope you keep finding it useful. I too use the native reminders because of their lock screen behaviour. Please let me know if you find an area that could do with some improvement!
Awesome work! Absolutely love the one-click due date schedule 👍