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Supercharge the way you set reminders on your iOS devices

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Violeta Nedkova
Creative Rebel Coach
I don't know about you, but I need reminders for everything! This will help you remember by sending alerts when you're passing by a store that has what you need to buy. And like most productivity apps, it does so much more! :)
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Mikael Löwgren
Founder RemindMeAt
Hello product hunters! RemindMeAt is an app to keep quick notes based on location, and to view them and get reminded when you get there. Great for keeping track of shopping lists, todo-lists or friends door codes. I also use it to keep various notes at the office that is only relevant for me at work. Looking forward for your feedback!
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This is basically the app I've been looking for with regards to reminders, location based stuff is so important nowadays, I can't remember the amount of times I passed by a shop/place of interest I needed something from without remembering I did. Thanks for making this ;)
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Paul Kemp
The App Guy Podcast
Thanks Violeta. I'm Paul Kemp on the team at RemindMeAt. I've been using the app to remind me about location dependant apps, products and services I find here on Product Hunt. For example, I set up a reminder to alert me about a cool co-working startup space I found on Product Hunt and it's only located in London. Next time I'm nearby, I get a reminder on my iPhone with the Product Hunt link. It’s very cool to get reminders about awesome Product Hunt stuff that’s location dependent. So, Mikael Lowgren & I will be talking about the app and it's potential live on our home page at various times during today. Just visit the landing page, scroll down and press play on the video. Come and join us. We start our first event at 10am UK / 11am CET