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Hi Hunters, I'm David - one of the co-founders of Remente. We recently released our open beta and Apple just picked us up as one of Best New Apps in Appstores, which we're obviously stoked about :-) I would love to hear your input, and also wanted to share a little bit about us: We created Remente because we at times feel like shit and lacked the tools to level up in life, so we figured - why isn't there an app for that? Said and done, we took 30 years of experience on how the brain works and performs, and decided to put that knowledge in an app to help ourselves and others. The idea is to take the latest observations in psychology, neuroscience and mental training and put in an app for your personal development, with courses and tools to help you in all parts of life, at home, at work or in school. Previously, we’ve helped Sweden win the World Memory Championships, conducted research on Internet Psychiatry and have coached Olympic Gold winning athletes, now we figured it was time to bring all these yummy secrets to the masses :-) Thanks in advance! David
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Tried the webapp in Beta but the mobile app is much better with push etc. Easy for me to track and set goals in different categories of personal development (e.g. health, career, family) etc. Then evaluate continuously. Will try to incorporate in my business for employees to track their personal growth alongside our regular KPI:s and development plans. We do a lot of physical activities, but this could add mental exercises as well to stay ahead of the competition.