Remember When

Bond with friends over great memories

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NOSTALGIA! Nostalgia is super powerful when used appropriately in product design or marketing. I wrote a bit about it and shared examples from Timehop, Heyday, Mindie, Facebook, and others. cc @dan_hopwood
@rrhoover @dan_hopwood @nikilster (the founder) did a great job with it! I agree nostalgia is a really powerful emotion when done right! Pumped to see where it goes! :-)
@rrhoover @dan_hopwood Great post Ryan! You pulled up a lot of examples that I didn't even know about and that were really cool. Really impressed by your website / 150+ essays - super cool! Also I was in BJ Fogg's Behavior Design class at Stanford - he told us how Nir was one of his students at his Behavior Design Bootcamps :) Also read your "prototype with email" post - totally agree!
@erikfinman @rrhoover @dan_hopwood Thanks Erik! @rrhoover @dan_hopwood any feedback? Would love to hear your thoughts!
Hey Product Hunt!! Super excited to share this with you! Here's the brief story of how it came into existence: We were interviewing a designer and part of the interview is a hackathon. We usually like to work for 3-4 hours and this time when the designer walked in, he said he could only stay for 1 1/2 hours. We were kind of surprised and decided to roll with it and build something super simple. Brainstormed a bunch of stuff and decided on the idea of being able to browse your old Facebook photos and text them to friends. So we built it - and as we were building it realized that we actually super enjoyed using it. Showed it to some friends after and they absolutely loved being able to see their old photos and it brought a huge smile to their faces. Decided we would share it with our other friends, so we finished it and put it on the app store. Hope you enjoy it and that you have a big smile and a warm fuzzy feeling when you look at your great memories! Full story here: Download link: Hope you love seeing your old memories!
@nikilster Love the story. Also love the sharing feature and how it creates new moments from old memories.
@pashih @nikilster Thanks Patrick!
@nikilster Had so much fun building this, awesome to see all the love!
Oh man I love this!
I love this! My GF is on the other side of the country right now. While face timing we spent a good 30 minutes swiping through old memories. Pure nostalgia.
@jordanbrown Thanks! That's what we were going for :)
This is pretty cool. Thanks for building it.
@erictwillis Thanks Eric! :) Glad you enjoy it! Any suggestions?
@nikilster Comments below the photos might bring more nostalgia. i.e. what people were saying then.
@nikilster @erictwillis word of the day... nostalgia. ✌️