Remember the Milk 2.0

Complete redesign and new features for the popular to-do app

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2016
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Why people release Android UI style in iOS apps? It's stupid
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@kirillkudin I don't think it's stupid to have one set framework across the board for all platforms. It should allow device swapping to be a lot easier for many users who use both iOS and Android.
@kirillkudin I used to love this company. Great to see a huge update like this but I totally agree. If I wanted Android Material UI, I'd get an Android.
@immatthamlin @kirillkudin Consistency for consistency's sake is not a good design methodology. Android users are used to a certain way of doing things and expect things to look a certain way. Likewise, iOS users are used to doing things a certain way and expect things to look a certain way. You wouldn't ship an Android app that looks like an iOS native app, would you? Similarly, you'd never ship an OS X app that looks and behaves like a Windows app, right? Google makes all their iOS apps behave like Android apps because they have an agenda of getting users accustomed to Android UX patterns in the hopes of making an eventual switch to Android more likely. That's why Cortana on iOS looks and behaves the way it does, and also why Apple's apps on Android look and behave the way they do. I don't think RTM has any such ulterior motives here. There needs to be a balance. A single app, across platforms, should feel genuinely purpose-built for that platform while maintaining consistency in design and user experience where it makes sense.
@kirillkudin @immatthamlin @huntergray @imaznation it's not an "Android UI style", it's a design language developed by Google (that they employ in their products such as Android OS, Gmail, Hangouts, Inbox, Chrome, Chrome OS, Canary). They've even expressed as much and use the language in their apps for iOS.
Their updates are as follows: Subtasks - break your tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces Drag and drop reordering - rearrange your tasks in the order you plan to do them Tag colors - make your lists both organized and colorful All-new sharing - share your lists and give tasks to others to get things done faster Notifications - get notified when someone shares a list or gives you a task Individual task reminders - set different reminders for each of your tasks Advanced sorting - sort and group your tasks however you like Start dates - track when it’s time to start working on a task Work offline - keep working on your tasks without an Internet connection
Please finish portuguese version :P
@gabrielreynard and russian 😄
@kirillkudin @gabrielreynard We're working on it! :)
The app seems pretty nice, but the free version has too much noise to upgrade to premium. I understand the need to drive users to upgrade, but showing free users premium features in the interface and not allowing them to use them is just annoying and not good design.
What was thinking behind basically not showing the product anywhere?