The BEST app in the GALAXY for learning new languages!

Remember is the BEST app in the GALAXY! It's the ultimate language tool that helps you learning those pesky words you keep forgetting.

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Hello Hunters! Almost everyone who has ever learned a foreign language faced a struggle while trying to memorize new words. Yeah, the ones you keep translating! Remember App aims to make your learning super easy, fun and quick. Now we are bringing the App to a whole new level! While developing our latest version we have put a lot of effort to build and polish a variety of features: from a significant extension of available language translations to implementation of card-sets. We have added a number of new training techniques for efficient catchall learning, including speaking, writing, listening, building from letters and much more. The App now enables you to create groups for proper sorting of words, for example by themes, languages, types or any other preferable criteria. We really do hope that Remember will make the learning journey for people around the globe enjoyable and exciting! We will be pleased to receive your feedback on the app!
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@heyjeuss how it differs in relation to Bloom, also Bloom have a very cool chrome extension so the user doesn’t need to search words, just pick up marked words from things that they read on the internet.
@amarildo_lucas Bloom is a beautiful concept and great UI! I also really like chrome extension, which allows you to add words straight to your deck. Powerful! We will definitely introduce the same feature. However, we're aiming to a bit different way. We want people to create their own sets sorted by themes, languages or any other kind. We also want to introduce a feature which will allow our users to share their sets with others. This way teacher would be able to give a vocabulary homework for the student. Or students will be able to share new words with the class among others. Or even word sets related to particular topics in a textbook.

The UI is refreshing 😍 I’ve been using Remember for couple months now to study Dutch and absolutely love the app and its approach! I practice every day and see big improvement. Looking forward for new features you guys launch! Well done!


Refreshing UI 😍, simple to you, efficient



With its friendly approach and awesome updates, Remember’s is my favourite app for learning another language now. Its secret: making the process genuinely fun! Engaging mini-games test your reading, writing, speaking and other skills.


Great app for language learners!


No cons

I recommend to learn words using Remember App at least once per day, it is really useful and easy 😀
IN THE GALAXY!? ✨ Bold statement but this looks really well done.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! We love bold statements and great products! 💪