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Thanks @bentossell! Remember started when I first met @shanemac in March. He shared his obsession with remembering everyone he meets and how remembering a person's name was a simple way to connect with people. We have all heard “Remember when we were *there*, we met this *person*, we had such a great time!”. I've come to realize that people and places are the most talked about thing in the world. Remember sends you a push notification next time you walk into a place and does autolookup for more information from a name, email or phone.
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@nguyenstephane I've been using a dopey Evernote doc to keep track of names. It's a pain to get into when I need it. So I love what you're doing here. It's on my home screen. How are you going to make money with this? I'm concerned that this will be an incredible app that doesn't pay you what you're worth so you'll move on to something else.
@andrewwarner Hi Andrew, People are constantly struggling with notes and Evernote docs and search etc. After building the very first “usable” version, I started to put it out there and Remember just struck a chord! It turns out that everybody is bad at remembering names, but want to be better at it. More to come on the business model, I will definitely keep you posted!
@andrewwarner @nguyenstephane Brilliant feature idea, Andrew. Stephane, perhaps offer an Evernote export as a backup option.
@nguyenstephane @rstephens @andrewwarner business models? Andrew, this is silicon valley...
I love this app. A simple, excellent way to use technology in the most effective way to show you truly care: remember their name and face.
Great idea. Would love it if LinkedIn integrated this, would seem like a fantastic feature.
@danvass Hi Daniel, yes I am planning on it
The story here is pretty cool. @shanemac wanted an app to remember people he met at events and just sketched it out on a napkin with @nguyenstephane - now, Remember is born!
Hi @nguyenstephane. How about an Android app?
@alexbagirov hi Alexandr android app is coming next, I will definitely let you know when it's available
@nguyenstephane, great! Will be waiting
@nguyenstephane @alexbagirov Looking forward trying this. Keep us updated when an Android app is available.