Passwords management tool brought by TunnelBear team.

Secure and remember all your passwords… with a Bear

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This looks really neat! Impressed they have gone multi-platform (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android) already with the beta. My only gripe is that it locks you into their cloud storage rather than allowing local storage (incl. mounted drives). I currently use 1Password and have my vaults local + synced to Dropbox, which is a nice workflow and I like being storage provider agnostic. Perhaps they'll enable something like that in the future, but I'd imagine not given it's harder to warrant charging a subscription if there is no storage involved :)
The bear branding really lightens up the mood for a normally boring space. Really nice.
Bonus points for the name! Excited to give this a spin
I would like to know main differences between lastpass or other tools for password protection.
+1 for @ummjackson please add option to store locally. I would prefer an approach such as 1password where you can sync locally over wifi or similar.