Relive stress quickly with this stress button for mobile

Relieve your stress quickly and focus better with Remedy8.

Press the stress button on the screen repeatedly while listening to our calming meditation music. You will feel the stress leave your body in minutes.

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Hello everyone! My name is Justin, and I'm one of the makers of Remedy8. My wife and I are huge fidgeters, and we used to buy fidget cubes to help reduce stress and anxiety. It really helped us, but we would lose the cube all the time. Then one day my wife had an idea for a phone case with fidget tools on it. What a brilliant Idea! But as a UI/UX designer, it naturally led me to think, "What if there was an app for that?" That's how Remedy8 was born. It's a simple stress reliever that you can use either on-the-go or when you have a few minutes to take a step back from your stressful day. We combined Haptic Feedback vibration with carefully coordinated animation and binaural meditation music. It really works for us, and we are hoping it will for you, too. Science suggests that it will ;D “Research at the University of Hertfordshire in 2005 found that fidgeting improved performance in memory tests and this might be because it lowers the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that interferes with learning.” - BBC, Science Focus Magazine “If something we are engaged in is not interesting enough to sustain our focus, the additional sensory-motor input that is mildly stimulating, interesting, or entertaining allows our brains to become fully engaged and allows us to sustain focus on the primary activity in which we are participating.” - FastCompany, The Science Of Why We Fidget While We Work We opened up the app for full access for a limited time. Download and let us know if it works for you! I will be around to answer any questions. Have a great day!
@justinjaechung Congrats for you and your wife, Justin! 🎉 It's a very interesting idea and the app is not only visually superb but also feels very good to use!
@diegocouto Thank you so much!!
Beautifully design and very needed! Off topic but there’s a huge market and could be very successful by using facebook/instagram ads and targeting Headspace/ fidget spinner audiences🔥
@antonio_dmya Thanks for the hint! We will definitely try that out :D