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Sarah Tavel — partner, greylock
Remedy lets anyone, insured or not, get medical advice and prescriptions from the best doctors in the world, all for an incredibly affordable price. They use AI to make this experience possible, and they are paving the way for better healthcare for everyone. I believe in companies that create a better experience for consumers, and do so at a cheaper price. Remedy is doing exactly this - excited to start using it.
William Jack — CEO @ Remedy
Thanks for your support @sarahtavel

After struggling to find good treatment for my epilepsy, I began to realize just how terrible the healthcare system was. It took months to talk to my doctors, and few of them were up to date with relevant standards of care. It seemed that the system didn’t work for patients, doctors, or the researchers and innovators trying to change things for the better. It was literally brain damage for me! After talking to my close friends, Nikhil, Mike, and Jessica, I realized that I was not alone.

Research showed that about 70% of all doctor’s visits could be taken care of via telemedicine, the practice of using technology to provide care remotely.
We saw telemedicine as the natural hub to build a new healthcare system around. It gives patients unparalleled access to their physicians, and makes seamless data collection and deployment of game-changing software possible at the point of care.

For example, most physicians spend about 66% of their time on paperwork.
Remedy uses AI to automate tedious tasks and administrative paperwork for our doctors.
Because of this, our doctors save tons of time, which we pass onto our patients by making appointments affordable.

More importantly, this efficiency lets us bring some of the world’s best physicians onto the Remedy platform, and empower them to spend more time focusing on caring for patients.

Remedy’s the only place where patients, even those without insurance, can get the undivided attention of an elite doctor for the price of a copay at most clinics.

Of course, this doesn’t fix everything about healthcare. We’re only in California right now, and obviously Remedy can’t treat all health concerns (it’s tough to do surgery over an app). We’re eager to expand Remedy in the future, offering speciality care, mental health, surgeries and all other components of modern healthcare.

We dream of a healthcare system built around a strong software backbone that ties data together to enable researchers to uncover better ways of delivering medicine, automates bloat, provides a seamless channel for deploying life-saving diagnostics at scale, and above all, helps doctors focus on what they do best: giving care.

Really excited to share this with you all, and we’re all eager to hear your thoughts!
José Manuel M — Senior Medical Scientist - IBM Watson
Democrotizing healthcare for all peoples by empowering the best physicians in the world through AI. This will change healthcare and the world as we know it.
Nikhil Buduma — healthcare + ai @ remedy
@jose_morey_md Thanks for the support, Jose! Our doctors and patients already love working with Remy. In the long term, we see Remy as an incredible mechanism by which we can deliver important automation and diagnostic technologies directly to the front lines of care.
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