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As a producer and host of three podcasts, one of my biggest pet peeve is achieving frictionless ways to engage with the listeners. Remarks allows for insightful, yet fun (GIFs!) interaction. As a host, I can also interject links at specific times, something that is a bit of a pain on Soundcloud and that the lack of chaptering standards precludes me from doing on iTunes and other platforms (Marco Arment said he wouldn't support them on Overcast for instance). I'm interested to hear thoughts from other podcasters here too!
@papadimitriou thanks for submitting Remarks. We're looking to make it easy to have conversations about podcasts - both host -> fans and fans <-> fans.
@papadimitriou definitely a great way to make them more interactive
@papadimitriou you may also want to try another take on the same problem
@tapefinder hi there! Does it require the track to be uploaded on TapeWrite or does a RSS suffice?
@papadimitriou you can import from an RSS but in that case we do host it. We don't have the infrastructure to be a podcatcher :)
Hi, founder of Remarks here. I created the app because I listen to podcasts at least an hour a day and wanted a way to talk with other fans about the ideas and guests that excite me. When a guest would be introduced, I want to see their picture, maybe browse through their tweets. When the host makes an interesting point I want to talk about it. This is what Remarks lets you do. I'm really excited to hear what the podcasting community thinks of the app, we launched about a month ago and are hungry to make this thing great. Happy to answer any questions. If any of you are podcast hosts and would like a 'verified' account, please email me at and we'll get you setup.
@remarks also, we have a partner program for podcast hosts where we do $150 in free co-promotional advertising for your podcast if you agree to try out Remarks and engage with your audience.
@adamontherun @remarks I'm in. Can you expedite this for Morning Short (
@msitver Michael, I'd be happy to. let me know your remarks username and I'll verify your account. email me at and we can get plan the copy/demographics/timing of the advertising.
I agree, as a producer myself. Especially the addition of links at specific times would be very useful.
@netwire I'm really excited that you like the idea. If you'd like to try the app with your audience, I can get you setup with a verified account. We also have a partners program where we give you a free $150 in co-promotional advertising
This is great idea. Always wanted to hear other listener thoughts. Not sure if the podcast is only streaming because the app might just suck up all the data if the user is not on Wi-Fi.
@jojithumma hi, the app will stream until the audio file is downloaded. Once you have it on your phone, it plays locally.
As a producer/host of a podcast instant feedback would be awesome. It can be tough to know if you are hitting the mark when you are speaking into a void.
@jfrostholm hi Jason, thanks for the kind words. If you'd like to engage your audience with Remarks, I can get you a verified account and help promote your podcast
@jfrostholm hi Jason, we just released a new version of the Remarks app where you can view all of the comments / likes your posts have gotten. should help get a measure of the engagement you're seeing from your listeners.