Personalize photos with your handwriting

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Hi hunters, I've been using Photoshop on the Mac for as long as I can remember. But like many of you, I wanted to do some basic photo editing on my iPhone by quickly replying or commenting on a photo. Yes, there are a whole slew of apps that try and bring that PS experience onto mobile with fonts and stickers. But I was after something more authentic and wanted to experiment with using my own natural paper handwriting. The steps needed to do it cleanly and quickly on my phone involved jumping through hoops by using several apps at a time. So I built Remarkly. A single purpose app to take a photo of something I'd written, scribbled, sketched on my notepad and apply it as a layer on top of a photo to quickly post to twitter or insta. It took a few months of tinkering around with iOS image libraries to get it to capture just the ink without the background paper. I even got it to work with yellow type sticky notes. Thanks to some beta testers who put in the time (huge props to @marksphone) to test and give feedback, I also added the ability to store my ink snippets into collections, much like sticker packs, for later reuse. Yes— the next release of Messages, Snapchat and now Twitter allow you to "finger write" or sticker something onto a photo. But if you want to personalize a photo, like no one else, with your own natural inked handwriting, give Remarkly a try. Thanks! @fqure