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AI-powered "camera as a service"

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Relonch started as a mobile app (see the original post from a few years ago here). They've pivoted into a "camera as a service" model where you $1 for the photos you keep. It automatically uploads all your photos to the internet and uses AI to select and edit the best ones. It seems they're filling a strange middle section of the market. It's not for super casual users that are satisfied with their iPhone/Android camera and the high-end market wants to use their expensive DSLR to manually capture and massage their photos (I assume). Curious to hear other peoples' thoughts on this approach. (I edited my comment to clarify the business model -- see below)
@rrhoover I think you need to check "They've pivoted into a "camera as a service" model where you pay $99/month for the camera and photos" as their website says "NO SUBSCRIPTION. NO ANNUAL PLAN. NO CARD REQUIRED." it just looks like you swap your DSLR for photos with one of their camera, and when you run out of photos you have to take the camera back...
@alextrott_ thanks for following up! The Verge article is a bit confusing then. Looks like you can trade in your DSLR at its market value for credits and you pay for the photos you keep.
@rrhoover Yeah its odd, both cnet and verge completely skip the whole you can use relonch now if you trade in your current DSLR, they all mention that it's coming in 2018, but nowhere on the relonch site does it state $99, The plan ( ) only mentions the AI stuff is coming in 2018,
@rrhoover it's probably geared for the pro-sumer that likes pro-quality results but doesn't want the controls and creative leeway that's typically associated with the segment. But for that crowd I'd think a decent mirrorless + something like photolemur is a much better deal, albeit without the leather ;)
@rrhoover the app isn't available in US appstore?
This is going to the top of my list for 2016. The list is called "Silicon Valley 4EVR."
Here's the video from their site.
@rbdgswg very curious if the results can really consistently be that good. This feels like another Silicon Valley lie waiting to be exposed. #punIntended
I've been dreaming of a product kinda like this for a long time. I hate managing my photos and want them as pretty as possible. I want someone to manage them, edit them, and make them beautiful, by paying a monthly fee. Really hope this will pivot further so I can use it from my phone, with my phone's camera that is good enough for me.
@yuriymotin Do you guys have any of these in NYC for testing? Would be interested in performing an objective test of difficult situations to see what the camera + backend can produce.
@imatincr Thank you for your interest in Relonch. The only way to enjoy Relonch today is to visit Relonch showroom in Palo Alto, CA. P.S. And don't forget your camera ;)