Relonch 1.0

Your personal photo assistant

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Introducing photo stencils. Hi, Hunters. We believe everyone can create perfect photos. We’ve just launched personal mobile photo assistant that guides you to take perfect photos on any occasion. With stencils it's so easy to take a perfect photo. Photo stencils just guide you in composition and do not put any boundaries to your creativity. One more thing… Lighting Conditions Adjustments. Just pick lighting conditions of the shot and the photo will automatically enhance in accordance with the situation. These are not filters. These are optimal settings. And for fun please enjoy our story how this app development preserve family relationships :)
Love the approach used for setting the lighting conditions. Will have to try this out now!
@kunalslab thank you for your interest and feedback. We regularly have this problem: each shot is made under unique lighting conditions - when shooting against a window, towards the sun, or on a cloudy day. Filters cannot deal with this problem that’s why each shot must be “salvaged” in its own unique way. The Lighting Conditions Adjustments tool allows you to improve the photo in terms of lighting conditions and unlike ‘zillion’ filters, this technology not just enhances, but "salvages" every shot.
@kristofertm thank you. We love photography too and we have found a way to deliver the prompts from professional photographers to everyone at this very moment. We have always thought of ourselves as a service that delivers amazing photo results in one click, without any hassles with the settings. The Relonch app is part of our strategy from the very beginning and is the first step which we have already completed. We will continue building our service, using software, hardware and revolutionary business models. We are positive that in the near future we will greatly impress the world of photography ;) We are proud of the work done and we are happy that we move towards our goal step by step, according to plan and we count on your support. It is very important for us.
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