Next level iPhone photography



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Taylor Hou
Taylor Hou@taylorhou1
um I actually got back on PH just to post this reply but why pay $499 for this versus the Sony QX100 ( - It has a Zeiss lens and the sensor from the award winning RX100 line. With the QX100, you can use it on any iPhone/Android device and it's available since a while ago. I'm sorry but this Relonch product is poorly positioned in many ways besides price and needs to be "relonched" By the time it lonches, it will be completely irrelevant as I expect Sony to release their attachable lens with the same setup as the RX1(R) with the full frame sensor by late 2015... not to be a debbie downer.... but...
Jonno Riekwel
Jonno Riekwel@jonnotie · Product Designer
This looks great! But the first question I had was if it is compatible with the iPhone 6, since all product photos are with a iPhone 5. It took me a while to figure out. (The answer is yes).
Colin Devroe
Colin Devroe@cdevroe · Co-founder, Plain
Love some of the copy on this site "The lens and sensor are exactly right to make the fancy photos look perfect on smartphones."
Andrew Lin
Andrew Lin@andrewrlin · Founder KingForADay, Tip
Being a bit of the camera nerd, I'd like to know what kind of lens is being used and why it is better. I get the market of "better than iPhone" pictures but not quite "dSLR", I wonder if that market would be willing to pay $499 for that device? Especially as I see the gap between those offerings close.
Troy Osinoff
Troy Osinoff@yo · Angel Investor
Really like the concept but I think the price point is pretty high, $400 is more than most people pay for their phones.