Lightweight, vanilla javascript parallax library

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Extactly what I want. Just curious about mobile performance
@dudu1618 We just released it so that it "works" on mobile, but you're going to have to assess what device your users are on. Our test device is a iphone 5s (so at least a few generations old) and it runs great! Also there are some best practices for parallax but the main one to follow is to make sure you aren't adding rellax to any large images. That's the biggest performance hog for browsers to have to repaint the view for so many pixels. But otherwise test it out and let me know your findings
What can use say about macOS Safari performance? If I'll have several parallax layouts on one page, would be it laggy?
@eugeneford Late reply, but Rellax uses hardware acceleration which all modern browsers support. You should be able to run 100s of parallax elements without any noticeable lag.