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Stefano Cutello — CEO, PastBook
Hey Hunters! Maker here, happy to answer any of your questions and - most importantly - get your feedbacks!

PastBook helps you create photo album without hassle, uploading or importing pictures by most social or cloud (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Box and more). We offer more than just printed books: all your memories, once in PastBook stay private and you can ask friend to contribute to your stories. With the Premium plan we promise you that we'll preserve your moments forever.

I built this Relive Year tool while setting up our new round, to do not get too crazy while waiting for answer from investors (so good so far!).

Enjoy your memories!
Were you on Facebook before 2004? I'd love to see your PastBook! ;-)
Chris Messina — 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@stefanocutello after I've connected with Facebook, how do I add my Instagram photos to my book?
Stefano Cutello — CEO, PastBook
@chrismessina thanks for asking!

With the Relive Year wizard you can auto import Facebook *or* Instagram moments filtered by Year.
Once the book is created, you can manually import more photos from other sources simply clicking on Add photos (top right Menu ) or inviting friends to add their photos to your story.

We also have an (old) wizard (here: ) to create an Instagram-Only book based on time range, friend or hashtag (thanks for inventing it!).
That's based on our previous platform. We're working hard to bring everything together in a unique experience.

Do you have any suggestion? Feedback are very welcome! ;)
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