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Thanks @bentossell ! In Relevant 2.0 we're introducing two new major features: 1. Deep View: Or the ability to chain services (Relevant Cards) together to provide more context. Simply tap on a card and if deep view is available for that card you get a chain of cards all Relevant to the main card. Try it with Weather, ProductHunt, Nearby, Sports Cards, Calendar, … 2. Smart Mode (Beta): This new feature opens a new screen with a series of cards that Relevant thinks you'd be interested in given Time, Location and other context. This is our very first implementation of what we refer to as Passive Search. It’s designed in a way that the more you use Relevant, the smarter the app will get. We also added a bunch of new cards Including STAR WARS card. Check it out for yourself. I promise you're gonna love the New Relevant. The thing is, thinking about the next 3–5 years I have a hard time accepting that we will be still going through a grid of icons, launching a bunch of apps and then navigating through multiple pages just to access what we want. Even the idea of downloading multiple apps or checking through a list of blue links is cumbersome. With Relevant we’re exploring new ways to create a more fluid and frictionless mobile experience by bringing and connecting different pieces of the web together. (Read more here: A little taste of the future) In terms of usage, the main use case so far has been around daily routines. Weather, News, Sports, Google Analytics, Nearby places for lunch or coffee. We have a good portion of our users that use the app multiple times a day. Some even removed other apps from their iPhones to save space and simply use Relevant Cards instead. You see the beauty of cards is that they combine the best features of Web & Native apps. They are fast /easy to reach, extremely lightweight smart native units. But more importantly they can work together to bring more context around a given service. We're adding new cards everyday and soon we'll be granting more access to our developer community to create cards ( Whether it's for themselves or others. That should allow us to soon be able to say, there's a CARD for that. (:
Nice work here, @m_mozafarian. Deep linking makes Relevant more relevant. (Apologies.) How do you think Apple's restrictions on homescreen and UI mods impact progress on interface innovations like Relevant?
@kkdub Thanks Kelly. It certainly affects innovation in the space and makes adoption slightly more difficult compared to Android OS.
Similar to Google now but subscription based, I like it.
Looks amazing! I dont usually have much time to catch up with all the news and apps, and Relevant might help. Would love the ability to reposition cards + an overview layout. Lastly, would like some intros/tips for beginners. P.S. Love the design!
@vytasbu Thanks man! Glad you like it. In terms of having an overview and the ability to reorder cards, you certainly can do so. Hold down on a card and tap on reorder. (:
Here is a link to the blog post announcing Relevant 2.0 @m_mozafarian can you tell us what the big updates are please? I'll admit I have not seen this app before but had a similar idea months ago...I read somewhere on the interwebs about the card format (like twitter cards) and it spurred something in me about the whole moving from app to app... would be good to have a stream of cards from different sources... then I saw an app with a similar structure and it just didnt execute very well.... (really helps I can't find the article or the app haha). What patterns have you noticed with people using the app that you did AND didn't expect? What influenced the changes you have implemented?
@bentossell Btw, if interested in the space, check out @padday 's article Cards are the future of web and @scottbelsky 's The Interface Layer
@m_mozafarian yeah I remember reading the first article!!