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Get a glance of your favorite apps and websites in one place

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Hey guys. Today we're launching relevant for iOS. The best way to get a glance of your favourite apps and websites, all in one place. In a nutshell, relevant turns the services you use on daily basis into beautiful, bite-size, interactive Cards. You can add these cards from the library to your view and you are all set. From the technology stand point, relevant cards are built using REL —  a Functional Immutable Programming Language we developed to simplify the process of building cards. REL’s powerful parsing and processing engines make it super easy to aggregate different sources, manipulate APIs, and even include complex logics & calculations into Relevant cards. We worked hard to simplify the language without sacrificing its power so even non-programmers can easily learn REL and start building cool cards in minutes. We did a blog post about the entire thing, our vision about the future cards on mobile on medium. Would love to hear what you guys think about the app, relevant cards and would be happy to answer your questions.
Any plans to add other services and languages? Possible to "choose" a desired country in Google News? Imgur would also be great. @m_mozafarian
@mosrrrr @m_mozafarian Absolutely. We are gradually adding more and more cards to library. Also, for the cards that are not yet there, you can go ahead build it yourself and share it with others.
UI is pretty slick. Love it.
Hi everyone. If you have any questions about making relevant cards using REL, don't hesitate to ask!
Are cards loaded in the background?
@srcasm Cards load only when the app comes into the foreground, or when you refresh them manually (hold down + refresh). The app does not currently run any background process. Does this answer your question?