Better release communication for your software

ReleasePage allows you to create customised, beautiful webpages to show off your release notes, and easily share them with your users.

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Thanks for the hunt @riaface! We are very excited to be launching on Product Hunt today ⚡️ Hello my name is Danielle, co-founder of ReleasePage 👋. Let me tell you about us. Both James and I have worked at startups building SaaS products. A pain point we both encountered was how to notify users when there was a new software release, and how to provide a user-friendly list of changes that are available. GitHub helpfully provides us with 'GitHub Releases', allowing us to track software changes easily, however this is decidedly developer focussed and more than often, the repositories are private and these details cannot be shared. ReleasePage allows you to create customised, beautiful webpages to show off these release notes, and easily share them with your users. It's also common to have several repositories that make up an overall product - we have three main ones so far! ReleasePage can combine your notes for each project into one release. You can see this in action on our own Release Page It's completely free to create and publish a Release Page for one repository and we are currently offering a lifetime 50% discount off paid plans for Product Hunt visitors. We've launched in beta to get feedback on the direction to take with ReleasePage. We are passionate about creating a positive experience for you and your users, and will pay close attention to every scrap of information we can get on how to improve our process, what features we should work on next, and any other thing you like or dislike about the product 😅 On the roadmap currently is: - Allowing users to subscribe to future updates by email - A public API to push events when new releases are published, and allow access to repository release data - Full personalisation of Release Pages (with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) We hope that you like our product, and can't wait to hear any thoughts and feedback! We'll be here all day to answer your questions 😊
@dinkydani21 @riaface very cool, we will be using this soon! Thanks for sharing :)
@drewpark88 That's awesome, thanks! Don't forget to take advantage of the PH beta price! And let us know if we can help at all with your setup 🙂
@jivings Thanks James!
Sounds Great! But why do you need permission to Write on my repositories public and private?? Please review the permissions for linking because they seem very invasive.
@ralf_maamari Thanks for the feedback Ralph 🙂 Unfortunately, there is no read-only:repo permission for GitHub apps. In order for an app to see both public and private repositories, it must use the 'repo' scope, which grants read/write access ( However, some apps have a more progressive permission system, where you only grant permissions when you need them (here is a good write up: This is certainly something that we could adopt in our workflow and we will try to prioritise that work based on your comments.
@jivings Yea or a public repo only option? Anyways, Love the idea gave a thumbs up!
@ralf_maamari Yes, it's possible that we could have just public repo scope when signing in, and an option to add private repo scope later if you want to. Thanks! 😊
Cool! I think in addition to release pages, you should do product roadmaps as well! :) I've always wanted a tool for product roadmaps. If there was a fancy one with a timeline and icons and such, that would be great.
@james_osullivan Thanks for the feedback 😄 We've actually discussed this for the future as something like an "Upcoming Releases" section of your Release Page. Here you could put details of your roadmap, and perhaps have users vote on the features they would most like to see first. However this is just a daydream for now, and we will be focusing on our core product for the time being 😅
@james_osullivan There are a couple solutions out there for Roadmaps and it might provide enough of a cross-section with release notes as well: (I built it, includes a more rudimentary status/update section, but has a full set of public roadmap features :) ) (launched before me, has a higher focus on the PM side of road mapping) (goes a little further into the management of internal maps) @jivings I am more focused on other ventures right now and would definitely be open to collaboration or other ideas :)
@rob__race @james_osullivan that's really cool, thanks for sharing ☺️ it sounds like we will probably be entering this space in the future!
@jivings @rob__race Thanks for sharing! 😃
Great idea and product! Will definitely use it
@olga_olegovna Thanks! Don't forget we've got a PH beta price right now! And don't hesitate to contact us during while you're getting started, we're always happy to help 🙂
Love this idea!
@andzuck thanks! If you want to try it out don't forgot to take advantage of our PH beta prices! 🙃