Releaf App enables you to track your live sessions with cannabis and record how the cannabis makes you feel. Log feelings & side effects you experience. Use the notebook for any thoughts or ideas you have during your session. Easily compare which cannabis strains and products are helping your symptoms best. View & share intelligent reports.

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Hello producthunt! releaf founding team here. We're proud to have launched in the appstore today (with an unexpectedly fast 12 hour turnaround from apple) We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about releaf app or working in the cannabis technology space.
@francoocnarf very cool. Have you thought about watch integration to measure heart rate over the session?
@svickers thanks! It really depends on watch adoption...which seems a bit slow. We'll keep an eye on it though. Cool idea! And nice to e-meet you. πŸ˜„
Hey all, We're proud to announce here on Producthunt that our public android beta signups are now open. We'll be beginning beta testing with android users next Monday, July 11th, for android devices 5.0+. Sign up if you'd like early access on Android over at and we'll get you set up for next week!
@svickers Would love to explore headset + releaf integration at some point
Love the design! Super intuitive to get started with.
This app is absolutely beautiful.
We launched Releaf to the Play store! Check it out at
With our latest release, Releaf now supports edibles, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates, in addition to flower! We even included a little dosing calculator so you know exactly what you're taking and what worked well for you in the past.