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I love these apps that try to sit on top of everything I'm already doing. Relcy seems like a solid edition, perhaps even a best-in-class. 😄
Relcy is a really cool product. I'm excited that MyTime (my startup) is one of the apps integrated included in Relcy search. Try searching for "Robert Anthony Salon" in San Francisco and you'll be able to book an appointment from Relcy, powered by MyTime! Love this app - I'm definitely putting it on my home screen.
The mobile search space is ripe for innovation and we’re glad to see others working to solve a problem that people face on a daily basis. Vurb is a nice product and they’ve provided users with a beautiful interface. We’ve invested extensively into our own knowledge graph which allows us to intelligently support a huge variety of layered search queries such as “Kevin Spacey comedy movies on Netflix”or “Chinese restaurants on DoorDash" which other search apps aren’t currently able to interpret.
Congrats! So exciting to see this finally launch! :) Design. Build. Reflect. Repeat.
Interesting - definitely want to try this out. Seems like a Siri-without-speaking alternative or something.