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HI Product Hunt - it is the day we have been dreaming of! My co creator @nick_rodriguez are really excited to launch a product we first brain sparked over a year ago while working on mobile app projects. We've been in the development phase for 6 months but now it's in the wild baby! As a development team we were constantly on the hunt for instant - live chat - based expertise for on the fly micro consultations. We knew that there must be people like us out there that need this instant connectivity to a brain trust, and that there would be millions of people ready to help to promote good will. That's why we create Relayo. It's an instant access portal to experts via live chat. Think about a person, a group of people, a city ... everyone knows something that others don't and each of those people have tremendous unexposed value. Think about removing all barriers and allowing expertise exchanges to thrive thousands of times per second. That's our goal... we want to unlock that crowd sourced knowledge and share the smarts to those who need help. The cool thing is, we know that many formal business relationships will be forged as a result of instant connectivity to consultants... that's why we are so excited to launch this product. Please enjoy and provide as much feedback as you can --- we'd love to hear from everyone. We just launched to the public --- two mins before I typed this ... and are in a turbo'd on boarding phase, so please feel free to add your expertise to our directory @
What deems someone 'an expert'? I think I'd rather that I was reaching out to someone who knew stuff about X but not deemed 'an expert' - guess this is from my experience of self-proclaimed 'thought leaders' etc all over twitter haha. Even if it was something like "I know about Product Hunt" - I see one expert for PH on there, but what deems that person an expert ;)
@bentossell THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION ! Our plan is to have verified experts that graduate through an internal process... that's the start of building instant on boarding confidence. Beyond that, we will be analyzing a user's LinkedIn(r) prowess and assigning weights there as well. Further beyond we are driving this vetting even more and have more debuting soon. But it is for sure our top priority to ensure confidence in choosing an expert. With a mix of front end instantly identifiable indicators built on internal vetting ... we can make it happen. THANKS SO MUCH!
@samir_doshi @bentossell Bodacious! Will star rating / feedback system help push real experts to the top?
@reno_web_design @bentossell Oh yeah! --- it will sort that way by default -- and then manually you'll have sortable filters --- thanks sooooo much for the comment/ ? ---- appreciate it and please email me if you'd like as well .
@samir_doshi @bentossell @moxiapps Thank you Sam. We will sign up and drive around :-)
@reno_web_design @bentossell @moxiapps super happy to hear that - awesome !
Good stuff! Can't wait to see this grow and evolve. Go Samir!
That's a good idea. It will help us in many situations. One of the interesting though came up with to me is that I can travel to anyone in the world with the support of local experts. I can know where to eat cheap, where to play, how to go from A to B, etc.
@longnhvietnam You nailed it !!! the vision is to unlock that local expertise via Relayo so you can do just that !