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Great app, @jnugget. We discovered it toward the end of our accelerator and it's how we're keeping in touch with other founders. It's easy to use and has a surprising amount of functional depth. A concern we had is longevity of use -- any thoughts?
@sherveen, awesome to hear that you're using it to keep in touch with friends! Longevity is something we think about quite a bit and we follow retention closely. We believe that GIF messaging is a more fun and expressive way of communicating and that once people become accustomed to having a huge, dynamic arsenal of content at their disposal, it will be hard to go back to regular emoticons and stickers. We try to keep our GIF content fresh and topical (ex. featured back-to-school GIFs) and we help people build up their own personal "GIF vocabularies" through our collections feature.
Thanks @sherveen for posting and @FrancoVarriano for tagging us. We'd be delighted to get feedback and answer questions.
@jnugget big fan of the app. Been on it for a while. Surface the self-gif feature!!
Downloading now. Super excited if this is as good as I'm hoping. Nutmeg found here on PH ( was a big deal for me.
@MackFlavelle, thanks for downloading!
This is a great app - created by two Canadians: &
I've been really impressed with the product depth, too, including the somewhat hidden features that you don't immediately see like ability to post to share to social, copy and save gifs, and upload or create your own gifs (the create your own is AMAZING!). This has become the go-to messaging app for a couple of ongoing group texts in my contact groups.