Quick, quality how-to videos for the modern creative.

Quick, quality how-to videos for the modern creative.
It’s like YouTube tailor made for HowTo videos.
Are you a content creator? Share videos your community will love ad-free and make money from likes. Focusing on tech, PC building, gaming, and cooking.
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Hey everyone! I made Relay to help more people find the best instructional content on the internet. Often it’s hard to find the right youtube video, or the right section of a very long video. I found people don't need an entire course; just 2 minutes of a specific topic. Relay helps you discover and share quick high quality videos for the modern creative. I hope you love it and help me build out amazing content for the platform! Please share any and all feedback! We are excited to grow and build something the community loves.
@madebydouglas love it. congrats on the launch, Douglas!
@jijosunny thanks so much! would love to work together on supporting creators!
What topics would you like how to videos for?
PC Building
tech support (help mom use her iPhone)
Pro tech tools (coding, photography, design, etc)
Board Games
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Wow this is a cool concept... as a YouTube maker that creates a lot of HOW to videos, this sounds very interesting.
@unclejessy4real would love to connect! I'm also a YouTube creator and felt HowTo videos are unique enough they really deserve their own platform which lead me to create Relay. Would love to work with you to refine the product and really help the community
This is such a cool thing! The videos are short, to the point but also have some humor in them. I’m a fan and I’d like this to succeed because it’s needed!
@yashara thanks so much! How can we make it better? what videos would you like to see?
Love it! Fills a niche and is incredibly user friendly.
@jack_alexander2 thanks! what videos would you like to see?