Design communication synced with Slack



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Anton Shauchenka — Digital designer
Direct export from Sketch looks great! If you need more integrations like Trello, Asana and JIRA try
Corley — COO @ Product Hunt
Share, annotate and comment on designs via slack. Design Tools + Slack = awesomeness. @rteuscher tell us more about Relay - why did you build it?
Evan Varsamis — Founder & CEO The Gadget Flow
@corleyh do you have direct competition with Invision ?
John Shpika — CEO, TopTechPhoto inc.
@corleyh we're working on design collaboration, as well integrated with Slack. Didn't find how to put us in similar products.
Ryan Teuscher — Director of Product Design
@corleyh I'd love for Relay to help designers make more confident design decisions. Great ideas come from all across your team. With Relay, you get to decide who sees your work and when, and your responders get to provide feedback on their terms.

Validating your design solution is critical to iterating. Getting to those "Aha" moments requires perspective. The kind of perspective gained by gathering feedback from the right people at the right time. We've tried a whole host of design feedback solutions that haven't focused enough on the responder. Our hope is that we're not leading your process or asking you to change the way you work, but instead supporting the workflow you already have.
Ryan Teuscher — Director of Product Design
@evanvar @corleyh InVision is a great product. We are going after the same audience, but I think the problem we're solving is a different. Our approach is to connect the design tools you already have with your creative process and team.
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