Relativity of Time

What humans could do in 1s/min/h/week/month/year

Discover what humans could do in the most exciting periods of time and how it has changed through the ages.

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Hi Hunters, Have you ever wondered how long it took to portion a mammoth, build pyramids or paint a masterpiece? Relativity of Time shows how much time our ancestors/makers needed to get stuff done. This is one of our side-projects that illustrates the importance of measuring time. Have fun reading! Cheers Zocha
@zofiadunikowska Awesome! That's a really cool way to promote your product. Cheers.
Thanks @saifalfalah Glad you like it! We took our time to dress up all the time-tracking related facts in funny stories. :)
Amazing website!
nice to hear it @jeffreybo thanks! :)
Who created this site and what language did they use?
@ryan_hemenway Use Wappalyzer extension.
@ryan_hemenway Relativity of Time is a project by the collaboration platform and was designed and built internally by our talented team. We used AngularJS quite extensively (although not _that_ extensively like in our other advanced products, e.g. Futuramo Visual Tickets ( SVG are being used for the animated stories and of course everything is HTML5 and CSS3 and optimized for all screen sizes (RWD).
Pretty cool, but the navigation is jarring. Especially getting dumped to the app portion each time you hit the current day. :) Would have been nice to see a current day fact, AND the app.
I like your idea pretty much @joshdance. Thank you for your feedback!