Relationship Hero

Get instant relationship & dating advice over text/call

Relationship Hero gives you instant access to our team of certified relationship coaches available 24/7 by phone call or text. We connect you with a coach who helps you overcome any relationship challenge you’re going through, like if you’re fighting with your partner, having writer’s block on a dating app or going through a breakup. We got you :)

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Hey Product Hunt community! We're excited to be on here 👋 The idea for Relationship Hero came when I was too nervous to text girls and ask them out. I always turned to my friend Lior for help (he was a full-time developer and part-time relationship coach) and throughout my life I’ve spent hundreds of hours asking for his advice with this stuff. We started wondering if there are millions of people out there with similar needs for relationship coaching and we could build a service to to help them. In the Summer of 2017 we went through Y Combinator, and launched with just one coach, Lior. At first no one understood what relationship coaching even meant, but it clicked when we explained that it’s just like how you'd ask friends to help interpret a Tinder message, or where you should go on your 1-year anniversary, or how to get an ex back (or how to avoid breaking up). Clients even started sending us screenshots of text conversations so their coach can better understand and interpret their situation. It's like having a friend by your side that's available 24/7, and has likely seen/helped advise on your situation before. We've helped clients with personal situations like being treated unfairly by their partner, dealing with cheating, handling a tough breakup, and more. We're now at 75 full-time coaches, and over 10,000 clients have used the service. You can see a real-time feed of client reviews at: Our special offer to the PH community is free 30 minutes of coaching if you sign up before Sunday. 😻 We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know your thoughts!
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Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
Relationship coaching is an emerging category, and Relationship Hero is building a service that is resonating with people. I've been using the service since April of 2017, which is before the company existed (@liron_shapira was giving me advice before/after dates over Messenger). He ended up turning that into a company with his good friend @lior_gotesman, they went through Y Combinator, and it just keeps on growing... I invested from Shrug Capital as soon as the fund got going. Customer breakdown is around 50% male/female, who pay for real-time relationship coaching by the minute over phone/text. It's like having a friend by your side 24/7 who knows a lot about relationships and dating (coaches have helped save multiple marriages and multi-year relationships). P.S. It turns out that people enjoy talking about other people's relationships 🤷‍♂️ especially when they can do it from anywhere and get paid for it. The company is now up to 75 full-time coaches, and they love what they are doing :)
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Anna Filou
Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
I haven't tried the service but I'm not a fan of the concept. Personally, I've always found it weird when friends ask me "what do you think my crush means by sending me this emoji?" I'm always like "dude, how should I know? You know him better, you know how he types, you are the one who texts with him a lot. If you don't know, how would I? My best guess would probably be worse than yours." Even without taking that aspect into account, I think such a service would encourage people to overanalyze, which is rarely a good idea when it comes to personal relationships. The founder noted that they "have helped clients with personal situations like being treated unfairly by their partner, dealing with cheating, handling a tough breakup, and more." Now that's something I can get behind and see a use for but it sounds more like counseling (a la therapist) on demand, not relationship coaching.
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