Relate is the CRM for Google Sheets. If you are using Google Sheets as your CRM, Relate will make that experience a whole lot better. Relate is a flexible app that adds kanban, lists, filters and permissions to your Sheet. It's the better interface to sell.
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@davyson Nice product! I am just wondering what is the difference between your product and having a CRM such as Hubspot which is integrated with Google Sheet via Zapier?
@ahangari Great question! The difference is that with Relate your Google Sheet is the master of your data. You can update the data in your Sheet still and you will see those changes in Relate. The advantage of this model is that unlike in Hubspot where you have limited amounts of customisation in terms of data structure with Sheets and Relate your CRM can be as custom as your business. Simply add a new column in your Sheet or a new worksheet and it will appear in Relate.
@davyson Thanks for your clarification! ✌️
What's the pricing scheme once this exits beta?
@justcharlie We haven't locked down the prices yet but it will be a monthly fee. We will either price by spreadsheet (i.e. one fee for your whole CRM regardless of how many users) or by number of users using the Relate. Which of these would you prefer?
@davyson I'd prefer the former
@justcharlie Noted, thank you :)
@davyson love this! Im assuming the data will sync in both ways? (Google Sheet and the app)
@aphichat_panjamanee Yes. The data is always stored in your Google Sheet so all changes made in Relate instantly update in your Sheet.
Best Thing. Best for saving data
I want to signup but for now the software not available... After failing in singing up I try to write an email but it’s don’t available too... How can I try this app?
@babincuflorian We’re onboarding users in batches. I’ll put you in the next batch!
@babincuflorian @davyson Add me as well for next batch .. unable to sign due to error on the page {"protected_assets":{}}
@babincuflorian @rayyans apologies about this! Should be fixed now.
@davyson I'd love to be on the next batch!