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James Altucher
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Yann, thanks so much. I really appreciate what you are saying. It would be great for me to hear people's stories of how they have reinvented themselves from one career to another or one passion to another. One thing I learned when writing this book is that Reinvention is not a one-time thing but an ongoing habit. I'd love to learn if other people have already experienced that in their lives.
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In 2013 I was lost. I didn't know what to do next. Then I came across James's blog. Then I read his book “Choose Yourself”. And then I read every other book he published. Even the ones on stocks. He has helped me to reinvent myself. Over and over again. Since then I've written and published 8 books myself. I started writing online. I've written more than 600 blog posts. I reached more than 2.5 million people with my stuff. And today James released his new book “Reinvent Yourself”. If you don't know James: He's started more than 20 companies. Almost all of them failed. He sold two of them. He made millions. Lost it twice. And made millions again. He invested in more than 30 companies. This is the book to reinvent yourself. If this won't help, I don't know what will. Thanks for changing my life James! P.S. If you read all of his stuff on Facebook you might know some of the stuff in this book. I read almost all of his stuff but enjoy having it all in one place...
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Neil M WhiteNeil M White

All in all, this is a strong book from James Altucher. Although non on the level of Choose Yourself, Guide to Wealth and the Rich Employee, it's a fitting follow on as well as a signal for new things to come from James. Recommended.


An excellent and detailed book full of great advice and interviews.


Some content is repurposed from older books including the Rich Employee

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