GraphQL backend as a service

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I guess we will see some competitors in the very near future but this is an awesome start
@noxowe yeah, there is which we are currently trying out – so far its quite nice!
Hi, I'm one of the co-founders of Reindex. We made Reindex for product developers like us, to enable building new products without the need to develop a backend from scratch every time. We think GraphQL, an open specification launched by Facebook in 2015, is a perfect API for a service like this. Reindex makes it easy to set up a GraphQL backend that stores the data for your application, handles security with user authentication and permissions, and is easy to extend with webhooks. You can focus on building an awesome app for your users. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions about Reindex!
@villeimmonen are those 200K operations a month, a week or a day?
@lailo_ch @villeimmonen I think it is per month , check the slider for the pricing
@lailo_ch thanks for asking, the number of ops is per month like the pricing in the Production plan. I've clarified this on the pricing page now. For development, Reindex is free to use and experiment with.
@villeimmonen Great service! It's a good way to get started with GraphQL.
Really cool. Nice job!
An alternative would be 😖 check it out.