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Coding Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs

Remove the frustration that relying on external technical assistance brings by learning how to turn your ideas into reality. Imagine if you can reify (build) your vision without looking for a tech co-founder or an agency.
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We have seen students come out bootcamps unable to execute on their SaaS business ideas as they are overwhelmed with unnecessary information. We focus on what the business idea needs for effective execution and further growth. This is why we created a different kind of bootcamp tailored to entrepreneurs like you. When we talk about your idea, mention Product Hunt for something special.
I'm excited to share our vision with the Product Hunt community. After over a decade of being in the software industry, I got tired of watching my business co-founders rely so much on engineering talent for the core of their business. I and my co-founder aim to relieve this problem. We are not going to offer you another no-coding platform, there are plenty of them here. Instead, we would like to offer skills which you can use in current and future businesses. A set of skills which will allow you to create prototypes and turn them into products without throwing them away. Feel free to ask us any questions you have.
Well done Reify! Why do you recommend 'Learn basic code' approach over the 'Build an MVP with no code. approach? Interested to get your take on it.
@elbahnasy The no code approaches come with hidden costs over the long term. They are often more limited in features or approaches and have higher maintenance costs over the longer term. Plus, if you learn how to do it, you can do it over again if need be. Using a no-code approach you're stuck on the no-code platform and lose the reproducible nature of the basic coding approach.
Thanks, Iz. And great question. We were planning to record detailed explanation of it in the future. And as it was raised have recorded on brief one for now: