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Attendance Tracking with Smartphones.Secured with GPS & WIFI

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So, we started back in 2012 as a service company, we had about 10 guys working in a small apartment. I realized that keeping track of attendance is important, so i started to look for a simple solution, I didnt find any. Then I used google sheets, but that wasnt adequate. So, we made a small app, that could check in and out and I could see the reports, I was simple and productive. So we thought if we can do this for us, why not let others use it, thus happened! is an attendance app. Its dead simple and easy. No hardware required! - Easy setup in 30 seconds - Anywhere and Easy Employee check-in - Live view of checked-in employees - Optional Location lock with Geoseal GPS and WifiSSID - PhotoID takes a selfie on every check-in - Leave and Holiday management - Detailed reports containing OnTime Punctuality score, Hours and many other metrics - Field Tracking - Cross Platform Support
I used this to manage attendance in my office, my team is using the app and checking and out every day. I get all the reports directly in my app, its really simple and easy, I love it !
Long time user of Glad to surprisingly see you on Product Hunt. Business owners or managers or HR managers should definitely check this out