A drastically different Redis GUI for the Mac.

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Martin Angers
Martin AngersMaker@___mna___ · Founder, Harfang Apps
Hello Product Hunt! I'm thrilled to introduce Regis, a full-featured Redis GUI for the Mac. Unlike most existing alternatives, Regis fully embraces the request-response nature of Redis: it is command-driven - any Redis command can be executed - and it builds powerful features on top of this through built-in commands. You can easily and efficiently scan for keys, batch-delete them, watch for key changes in real-time, etc. The keys' values can be formatted as JSON, base64, hexadecimal and binary (zeroes and ones - which can be really useful to analyze a bitset). There are short videos at the bottom of the Regis webpage that go through this in detail. It supports Redis Cluster (automatically following redirects as needed) and Sentinel (connect through a sentinel by master name), and you can easily switch to a node's replica or vice-versa via the SWITCHTO built-in command. The UI is really simple and minimalist, a multi-tab-per-window/multi-window interface where each tab is an independent Redis session. You can configure the session to make it production-safe (e.g. limit the number of active connections, blacklist some commands, etc.) and save the configured sessions. You can find out more in the docs, linked from the product's website, and there's also a quick start guide. I'll be watching the comments and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have! Martin Founder,