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Regi is a digital utility designed around product ownership. It brings organization and household harmony to your most important purchases, saving you time and money so you can get the most value out of everything you own. Regi helps with returns, warranties, recalls, user manuals, price drops and more ...
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Hey, Andrew from Regi here... we've just launched Regi after 6 months in beta and working to add as many warranties as possible to our over 50 million products. Our engine to claim warranties and returns on behalf of users is coming very soon! We appreciate any feedback you have and are are happy to answer any questions! Thanks, the Regi Team
@andrew_sisnett I would really appreciate three additional features in this app: 1) The ability to mark products as containing batteries so that the app reminds you to replace or charge the device every 6 to 12 months. Every so often, I forget to remove or change batteries in a device I don't use super frequently. This can sometimes mean that I go to use the device only to find that the batteries in the device are leaking acid all over and have broken the device. A helpful reminder from this app would help me avoid this situation. 2) The ability to mark products as containing a firmware. Again, it is really frustrating to go to use a product I own only to find that I need to update its firmware before I can begin using it. It would be nifty if this app could remind me to check a product's firmware every 6 months so that I can keep it up-to-date and ready to use at a moment's notice. 3) The ability to upload a PDF copy of a product's manual. I was going to say it'd be nice if I could store a URL pointing to a product's manual, but companies change their websites too often for URLs to be useful for long periods of time. Instead, I'd like to be able to download a product's manual as a PDF and upload it to this app so that the manual is super easy to access in the future. If the app could make the process of downloading and uploading the manual smooth, that'd be even better!
@magnuson thanks for using Regi and for helping improve the app! We are working on a user customized reminder system (in addition to the standard warranty, return policy, recall and price drop reminders that we have). We will definitely incorporate your first 2 points to allow users to both create their own reminders for products and use standard reminders like battery reminders. We actually have product manuals in the product details under How To->User Manuals. We have a combination of machine learning web crawlers and manual QA to find the PDF manual for a product. We prioritize products based on their popularity so even if we don't have the manual when you first add the product to your Regi, we quickly go out and find it. We will update our UI to make this more prominent and look at allowing users to upload their own PDF manuals. Thanks again this is very much appreciated, Andrew
Looks really cool and useful! Tried to download on App Store but it wasn’t available for my region at the moment... when will you launch it outside US?
@apetter76 thanks for the feedback! We have launched in Canada as well but have been focusing on the US because of the extensive research required to collect and assign warranties (which are based on country). Which region are you you referring to? We’d love to add that next thanks!