Business card app which focuses on data privacy

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Regavi puts your information and data back in your control. Regavi is a digital business card and contacts app on steroids. It brings contact sharing to the cloud the way Apple and Google should have done a while ago. Every connection made on regavi rather than via physical business card donates part of a tree to the national forest foundation.

  • Pros: 

    This app allows me to instantly share social/professional platforms (such as Github and LinkedIn) with others, it's amazing!


    Not many, you do have to create an account, which is normally a hassle, but it only takes a few seconds to do here!

    On top of social and professional platforms, I've also been able to quickly share my contact info, such as phone number and email, with others. On Iphone, it will even automatically create a new contact on your phone for each connection you make, if you wish.

    Michael Madden has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Finally gives me a good reason to use widgets on my phone.


    Will update when cons are found

    This is a great product!

    David Waldman has used this product for one month.
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Jarod Stewart
Jarod Stewart@stewartjarod · Sr. Software Engineer, Yonomi
hey guys, calling yourself a "CMS" is prolly a bad acronym to use. CMS === Content Management System. Good luck
Michael P Kramer
Michael P KramerMaker@michaelpkramer · CEO @ Regavi
HI everyone, Michael here, I'm the CEO of Regavi. The product we've just released is the first step in a long product pipeline of moving towards a full personal CRM and blockchain-based social identity. We need your help to reach the scale to make any of this possible. Appreciate you taking a look and any and all feedback!