Auto-schedule pickups for your Amazon returns.

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Alan Friedman
Alan FriedmanMaker@d_alanfriedman · Product developer and designer in NYC
Hi ProductHunt, I made RefundMe to solve the problem of online shopping returns. These are the worst parts of online returns for me: - Remembering the return deadline (This differs depending on the retailer and type of product) - Taping up/packing the box (Need packing tape and original packing material) - Printing return labels (Need a printer and ink, which is somehow always empty) - Dropping off at UPS store (Need to load the car up or walk to UPS with a bunch of boxes) With RefundMe I hope to eventually address all of these but am starting out with 1) Scheduling reminders at checkout 2) Auto-scheduling pickups for you 3) Printing return labels The goal is to make it as easy to get your money back as it is to spend it. Questions/comments/feedback would be great! Edit: For anyone wanting new feature updates, like when Safari/Firefox are supported, you can get updates here: Thanks, Alan
Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
Great stuff, although I wonder if GoFundMe would have an issue with the brand name and matching colour of text in brand name.
Trevin Chow
Trevin Chow@trevin · VP of Product @ Tally
Doesn’t amazon already do this for customers? (Let’s you print out return labels free at home, and offer free UPS pickup) Disclaimer: I’m based out of Seattle, which is Amazon’s backyard, so our return process may not be representative of other parts of the country.
Alan Friedman
Alan FriedmanMaker@d_alanfriedman · Product developer and designer in NYC
@trevin From what I can tell, certain products are eligible for a UPS pickup at a $6 charge. I don't know of an option to schedule a reminder so you don't miss the return window, or auto-schedule the pickup (handy when you order multiple items to try them out and do a partial return). I also don't think they print labels for you or provide re-packing material. Ultimately I'm planning to add support for lots of other popular online retailers, most of whom don't have a return process as user-friendly as Amazon's. Ideally you checkout anywhere online and the return process happens automatically without you ever thinking about it.