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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 16, 2015
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At this point we clearly need a curator for the curators that curate on top of other curator's interestingness in order to surface and filter the important from the essential.
@thomas thanks for the comment. We are working on a rating algo' to surface the important content.
@thomas as someone who works in creating and finding content, I think the need is not totally clear to those who actually use the web so inherently that they find good content from actual work.
Have been playing with this over the last month or so - very very cool. Looking forward to seeing how the product develops.
@jd thanks for that. For sure the product is going to interesting directions, mainly to make users lives easier and making sure the content is awesome
Enables people to subscribe or create 5-link-collection newsletters of their weekly professional best read, no need to write the content, simply curate it.
@erictwillis I've been using RefreshBox for almost two months now and I'm really happy with it. It helps me share valuable contest I encounter (about growth hacking in my case) with people who are interested in it, easily. It's so much less friction and less time consuming then writing a blog, or managing my own newsletter on any other platform. Love it!
@erictwillis thanks s lot for the hunt!
@giligolander thanks for being an awesome early adopter
Last week, I found @getrevue which is pretty useful. Now RefreshBox which again shows value. Sometimes, @producthunt makes things 'not-that-easy' as it appears to be. :)
This is very cool! maybe PH can use it to highlight the top hunts! :) good luck guys