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Thanks @rrhoover! Two main reasons for building the web. First, it was by far and away the most requested feature of our most active users. Second, is the fact that even the most active mobile professionals spend time at their desks for some portion of each week. We looked at our data and saw high WAU, but inconsistent DAU. When we looked deeper we discovered that people batch their meetings and tend to have 'meeting' days and 'non-meeting' days. So when you are juggling 6 meetings on a Tuesday the mobile app works well, but it isn't convenient when you're sitting at your desk all day Wednesday getting work done or making phone calls. Our favorite apps like @Evernote, @Wonderlist, @asana, and many other are both on web and mobile. It's essential for productivity apps to be on both.
@bhavinator this reminds me of an article @ryanlawler recently published: The Return Of The Desktop Productivity App Although he primarily refers to native desktop apps, this remains true for web-based apps as well: "'By owning engagement on both desktop and mobile, startups capture more attention and become more defensible,' Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover writes. 'It takes more effort to switch someone from Sunrise when they’re using both the mobile app and desktop app. This is especially important for those creating more ‘commoditized’ apps that can be easily replaced.'"
Refresh just released their desktop web app and 2.0 of their mobile iOS client. I've been a beta user of Refresh prior to its launch. They've expanded beyond the simple "rapportive for people you're meeting," adding features like intro's and notes to make these meetings more effective and efficient. Congrats, @bhavinator and team on the launch. Why did you build a desktop web app?
@rrhoover excited to see @bhavinator take this to the web! easily one of my most frequently used apps on my iPhone.
@rrhoover can't wait for the moment i can go into a bar and with my google glass i can see everyone's personal + professional interests instantly ("Oh - you like Nas/the new yorker/product hunt too!")
@eriktorenberg There is a different killer app for walking into a bar.
@daveambrose you're the one that introduced me to Refresh a few months ago and it's easily one of my most valuable tools. I like how the web view goes into even more detail, but it would be easier to read if it were less spread out, I think. Too much scrolling required.
@bhavinator I'm pumped for the desktop app! Bhavin has a crystal clear vision for Refresh and this seems like the logical next step.
@ChaseTheTruth Thanks Chase!
Whats the use case for the Desktop? @bhavinator
Huge fan of Refresh. Enjoying 2.0 so far.
@mg Thanks Matt!