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#5 Product of the DayNovember 27, 2013
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This is the perfect app for VC's but I've also found it very helpful to glance at before meeting people I don't know well. Here's a great article by Nir on its product design and how the team built the first MVP -
Welcome, Nir! I love the word "dossier". Here's what I wonder, though. I think if you already know something about someone it's much more awkward because you either have to ask about it and pretend you didn't know, or admit you spent a lot of time looking them up beforehand. People with modern sensibilities will understand and eventually it will be expected, but I think we might still be at the awkward phase of tech adoption where it feels stalkerish, rather than a common courtesy.
Whoa, the story behind this app is super interesting. Now that I know the background behind this app, it makes a lot more sense. A high-level negotiator would definitely be skilled enough to subtly incorporate this information into a conversation without coming off as weird.
You guys should hear the origin story from their founder. it's so fucking cool. Also, nice work boys!
Zack- oh yeah? Is this written up online or did you speak with the founder? I love origin stories. Kind of sort of writing one for Product Hunt right now. :)
@rrhoover i'm interested in hearing THAT story.... you've built something super cool :)