Qualitative research tool for discovering patterns/themes

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Eric Willis
Working on something new
Reframer improves the traceability of your research, the discovery of patterns and themes, and the effectiveness of your team.
Andrew Mayfield
CEO, Optimal Workshop
Thanks so much for posting @erictwillis! Reframer is a qualitative research tool for user researchers. Instead of using scattered post-its, notepads, or spreadsheets to take notes when observing user interviews and tests, use Reframer for faster collection and tagging of your notes and watch as your research themes emerge. Right now Reframer is in public beta as part of the Optimal Workshop Suite. It will be free until it’s out of beta. I'd really love to hear how you'd like to use it and to have your input into how Reframer evolves from here. Please check it out, I hope Reframer makes your research activities easier and helps to "reframe" your view of how people are using your own products :)