Portable cardboard standing desk

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Shahab Shabibi
@shahab_21 · Co-Founder @ Machine Ventures
Loved it until I saw the price.
Mathieu Gosbee
@matbeedotcom · Developer, Videostream
Solution: Sell a stencil instead, and let us use regular moving boxes.
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
This would be a cool temporary situation for my new flat seeing as there is no furniture in it... I do think the price-point is pretty steep for what it is... Maybe I'll build one myself from empty beer crates 🍻
Lynn Fredricks
@lynnfredricks · President, Paradigma Software
Yes, this looks like something that should be $49 at Costco, Staples or Office Depot. I could see this also being a good solution for a pop up table for public events.
Jerry Becker
@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
I like the concept, but also agree on the price point comments above. This needs to be a sub-$100 product