Portable cardboard standing desk

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Loved it until I saw the price.
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@shahab_21 Idea is super. But the price tag is a joke, 250 $ for a cardboard desk. Can someone in china please copy them and send me one for 50-100 $ thanks👏
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@shahab_21 It's pricey, but it's still about 1/2 the price of a "decent" standing desk and about 4x cheaper than a good standing desk. So for all practical purposes - to try standing, to get tired of like most people do, and to go back to sitting within two month, this is a great alternative. Oh, and no need to spend an hour to assemble like you would on most inexpensive ones, or maybe even two days that you would spend on building your own from ikea furniture. Price is always relative.
@tristancelebi @shahab_21 LMAO, your comment made me rofl... Yea, it's true the price is too hefty for some high quality cardboards. Sure, we should pay for the engineering behind it and such , but it's ridiculous. Would be nice if a maker could explain.
@shahab_21 Yeah, it's a bit much. You can get a decent drafting table (essentially a standing desk) for half that price that's not made out of cardboard:
@eddie @shahab_21 The price has certainly gone up a little bit since Kickstarter ($160NZD) I think perhaps part of the added value proposition is that it's light and portable... but in reality, if that's not important to you then it becomes an expensive piece of cardboard. Also being made out of high quality, recycled cardboard surely brings the price up
Solution: Sell a stencil instead, and let us use regular moving boxes.
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@matbeedotcom considering how well Google cardboard works, I think that's a pretty viable idea.
This would be a cool temporary situation for my new flat seeing as there is no furniture in it... I do think the price-point is pretty steep for what it is... Maybe I'll build one myself from empty beer crates 🍻
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@bentossell If you need some help drinking that beer....
Yes, this looks like something that should be $49 at Costco, Staples or Office Depot. I could see this also being a good solution for a pop up table for public events.
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I like the concept, but also agree on the price point comments above. This needs to be a sub-$100 product
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@beckerjs Exactly. I mean, for $100 I'd buy two. Right now.
@d2burke @beckerjs It is 106 USD for the non-waterproof one.
@gyanprayaga Where are you seeing $106 USD? This is what it's quoting me: