Reflector 2

Mirror your iPhone, Android, & other displays

This looks super powerful! I'm impressed that it not only supports iOS, but Android also!
I bought reflector 1.0, but I don't get reflector 2 for free? Totally lame.
@juliannorton I'm with you Julian... At least a discount for being loyal.
@juliannorton at first I thought that too - a $5 discount might have been an appreciated gesture. In the end though I don't think there is any other product that has all the new features and in the scheme of things $15 doesn't really break the bank. I'm just pleased it's not another saas product asking for $15/mth! EDIT: my bad... will teach me not to read to the bottom of an email. In the announcement mail out today there was in fact a 33% discount offer valid until 22nd April. Ask and you shall receive :-)
Such cross-platform. Teaching smartphone to the family will be a no-brainer!