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#5 Product of the DayOctober 28, 2017

Reflectly is a mindfulness app, driven by AI. It uses intelligent questioning, to help users obtain an easy and straightforward way to get the most important thoughts out of their heads, each and every day. Your very own, personal mindfulness companion :)

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Didn’t Harry Potter warn us about this? 😜 (Nice site though!)
@lachlanjc Don't worry! We've made it completely Tom Riddle proof ;)
This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for to get back into journaling. Great design & app! :]
@archetapp Hi Jared - thanks so much for your comment. Great to hear Reflectly is helping you get back into journaling. Would love to hear more about your transition back and your initial experience with Reflectly, if you have anything to share :)
I have tried it for a couple days now and it's easily looking like it could replace my DayOne sub. However, I wonder about security/privacy (technically, how it's done? Is it encrypted?) and whether or not are there plans for a desktop app (MacOS/WinOS)? PS: It's weird when you can't talk to the makers directly here. Although I understand it may happen in some cases, it always feels like an incomplete hunt.. I'll upvote if they are are added.
@lyondhur Huge fan of Day One (literally just got off the mac app before heading over to PH) so I'm curious...what in your experiences brought you to the point where you'd consider switching?
@ridderingand_ I’m a lifelong journaler (psychotherapist/teacher for 12 years, 3 years journalist and 11 years designer/pm). I love the UX on DayOne but I must say it is quite captivating to have intelligent prompted questions to help with quick entries. I still think they are far apart at the moment, but with security, UX, others apps.. why not?
@ridderingand_ @lyondhur Hey guys - sorry for the late arrival! @lyondhur - I know we touched base on FB, and thanks for reaching out! :) If you guys have any other questions about Reflectly, I'd be more than happy to join in on the conversation :)
@ridderingand_ @jacobhk it's been sitting on my phone/tablet for a couple months now and I can't find it in myself to use it -- although I really want to, I love what I see. Amidst my personal reasons for journalling is the fleshing out and workflow-flushing of thoughts, research and ideas, many a time things that I will work with a client, colleague, investor, etc. These things just HAVE TO BE secured in a safe place. I understand that the data sync between app and reflectly servers is SSH'ed, but that's minimal to any regular website. It isn't even possible to have the root files hosted in our cloud solutions/boxes (which also ISN'T ideal). Journaling often involves the ability to express a thought without any other concern, in a safe and diligent manner. The fact that I cannot encrypt my entries and journals and that the data enters in raw form into the company's servers simply render this amazingly beautiful and well put together app a mere eye candy for me. I cannot use this. Sadly. I'm so ready to leave Day One's ultra messy stewardship and their schizophrenic subscription model that can go in multiple directions at any time, with no given notice. Shame. Real talk.
Signup with Facebook or create a new username+password combo... pass. I wish there was Google oAuth login option.
@vicky_buddie Hi Bikram - we're constantly looking to add more login options to help ease our users onboarding. Google login is definitely high on the list, and will be coming to Reflectly. I hope you'll give the system another try then :)

Unusable due to the cons. Would love to use this, but I can't.


Great way to journal, intelligent and relevant questions make me journal better, ...


If I lose my internet connection, my whole journal entry disappears instantly. I've also lost a few journal entries for no apparent reason.