Messages & free push notifications via JSON

#5 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2019
REFL.ME application is designed for those who need to receive messages
and notifications directly from web services (without push-services,
without api, without cloud stored, without third-party servers). Everything works directly through JSON.
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Features: - Free. There is no need to pay for every message and notification. - Minimal code for developers and easy connection for the user. - Without registration. No personal data required. - Without storing messages on our servers.
Nice idea, I think I can use it for my users, but there is one thing missing - every request should contain a "since" parameter so the server will know what notifications to send without keeping a state for every client in its db.
@danbars , Can I get more information about what's missing? I did not quite understand. Thank you!
@re_dmitriy sure - is polling my service and I have to return notifications for the user. Current implementation requires that my service stores on its db what was the last notification that was already sent so it will only send new notifications since last polling. In order to avoid that, the client can send a timestamp of it last successful polling, and the server can return new notifications since that timestamp
@danbars Now I get it. Good idea!!! I will try to add it in the next update. If there are other thoughts and ideas, let me know through the contacts in the app. Thank you!
@danbars Added. Update the app. :)
@re_dmitriy Great, I'll take a look
Sounds really cool. How long will it take until the ios app will be released?
@zingiskahn Thank you so much! I plan after the full launch of the Android version. p.s. I'm developing everything myself. It's hard to create for 2 platforms at once. Cross-platform development is not suitable here :)
Pretty good concept with the rise of IoT it could lead to a lot of cool use-cases. You might have already thinked about it but maybe you could make some sort of widget that devs can add on their site that would automatically setup a feed with given options.
@m_dolr Thank you. I focused on the application. Widgets are a slightly different use. However, there are some thoughts for the future ;)
Hey so do we need a converter to take a url into json where do you get json sources
@cvisualipol json source must be created by yourself on the side of your service. Next, simply add a link to this source in the app. Now you can receive messages and notifications from your service. Docs: