Embeddable micro-surveys that drive engagement

#4 Product of the DayMarch 09, 2020
Refiner is a survey tool that drives user engagement. Ask your users any question while they are experiencing your product. Trigger automations and show call-to-actions based on their responses. Designed specifically for SaaS & eCommerce sites.
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Hi everyone, I'm very happy today to hunt the new product of my friend @mdausinger I followed his journey and I'm very impressed by the product he is launching today. Very simple to use and very powerful at the same time. It takes literally 2 minutes to implement. Congrats mate
@alexd Thank you Alex for the kind words! Happy to have you with me on this rollercoaster :)
Thanks @alexd for hunting Refiner! πŸ™ Hey Hunters! I'm super thrilled to be launching Refiner here today! In short: Refiner helps you understand who your users really are, what they need and how you can help them achieve their goals. Refiner is a customer survey tool built specifically for SaaS and eCommerce sites. Our simple and beautiful survey widgets get you all the data you need to grow your business - on brand and perfectly timed. There are endless use-cases for Refiner, our most successful pilot users used Refiner to: - Capture additional user traits on the fly - Launch ultra-personalized email nurturing campaigns based on survey responses - Identify potential high-value users inside sales should talk to - Enrich CRM profiles with survey responses - Measure customer satisfaction with NPS and then launch tailored Call-to-Actions - ... The list goes on! πŸ™‚ In contrast to other survey tools, we focus heavily on the "and then what" part. Refiner integrates into your existing marketing & sales stack so that you can leverage survey responses in all the tools you already use. Also, Refineer allows you to launch tailored Call-to-Actions right after a user responded to a survey. Refiner comes with a generous free plan. So don't hesitate to sign-up and give it a spin! Feel free to ask any question you may have! I'm already looking forward to the discussion here.
As a B2B SaaS Sales Rep, I spent 100s of hours on Salesforce, trying to size up my opportunities. For every high impact lead, it would be the same dance, trying to capture user trait and feed Salesforce. So many hours on Google, LinkedIn, doing voodoo.. Sizing up an opportunity IS SO PAINFUL. Very happy to see Refiner solving this through a contextual, design-first and connected approach. Well done, Moritz!
Looking forward to try it! 😍
@tombenattar Awesome! Ping me if you have any questions or want a quick walk-through.
I've been using refiner for a couple of weeks now, I love the way I can target specific users for questions and pass data seamlessly to my crm to drive my email sequences. Looks like it's now possible to ask follow up questions, send messages and redirect users to new pages immediately in the browser based on the responses to their questions which is awesome, can't wait to get stuck into the new features!
Thank you so much for being one of our early users @jonnyplatt ! Your feedback is always super helpful!