Audience insights with the power of AI

RefineAI is an audience insights platform for videos.

It uses emotion recognition AI to understand the Engagement, Emotional Appeal, and Actionable Feedback within minutes instead of weeks or months as with traditional focus groups.

Try with your own videos today on our platform. We would love to hear your feedback.

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That's pretty interesting, how does it measure the emotional appeal?
@aaronoleary Thanks for checking this out. At its core its a computer vision and deep learning model that takes the video of the tester and predicts the emotions evoked. The service then correlates this information with the video frames of the content shown. This provides the quantitative feedback including the emotion and engagement scores. We then ask them to rate the sound quality, storyline and video quality. We also ask open ended questions to understand how they felt in their own words towards the content. This provides the qualitative feedback. Please let us know if you have any other feedback.
Hello Product Hunters, Thank you for taking the time to check out RefineAI’s Audience Insights product. During my long stint in the Media industry one thing that we were not measuring well was how do our customer feel about our content. 50% of the content created ended up not resonating well with the intended audience. We spent millions on Market Research. But the results were rarely actionable as the content was already created. The idea for audience insights gathering using computer vision and machine learning was born from the notion that we should be able to build and test video content rapidly. Similar to how software is developed and tested iteratively today. During the past year we have worked with global companies such as Red Bull, Beiersdorf, and SAP and have tuned our platform for the world to use. Today we are proud to announce that RefineAI is ready for a public beta! We hope you take the time to try it out with your videos. Please provide feedback on everything as we want to improve our product for you. Here’s a list of some of our use-cases: - A/B test your ad, promo, product intro videos. - Test your story line/arc with your target audience segment and prove your hypothesis. - Understand your ideal audience segment for your videos by testing with a generic group. - Test your video content to make sure it is culturally sensitive. I would love to hear from you if you have other use-cases you would like to explore. How would you use the service? I hope you enjoy it. --Bharat
Wow this is really cool!
Congrats - testing emotional reactions is something we had to manually do with human facilitators before. This is a great use of ML to automate, scale and standardise this form of market research and user feedback
@connorpm Thank you! and we really appreciate your support!
What kind of AI you will use?
@black_bear We developed our own emotion recognition models to understand faces and expressions in video. In the future we would like to combine that with text sentiment analysis to understand the qualitative feedback (ie. the questions we ask after the video is watched).