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Welcome, Product Hunters! For three days only, skip the line and join before everyone else. We’re very excited to be on Product Hunt! It’s super early but you’re the audience we had in mind when building this so we’d love to know what you think! HOW IT WORKS Save great links that will come in handy in the future. Discover what others save. And then find everything again when you really need it – for example when you later search for this topic on Google, Refind highlights links you or your friends saved (optional). POCKET? We love and use Pocket. Refind is complementary and you can connect Pocket to Refind. Pocket is a reading list, Refind is an archive. Pocket is to-do, Refind is fire and forget. Here’s how we see and use the two in combination: DELICIOUS? OTHERS? Delicious pioneered social bookmarking in 2003. We’re taking up on where they left off. And here’s how we believe Refind fits into today’s landscape: WHY? Here’s why we’re building this: We really hope you like it! Again, it’s super early but we’re going to work on this for a very long time so we’d love to know what you think! I’ll be around here and you can also reach me on Twitter ( or at Thanks a lot! Dominik (Founder)
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have been using Refind and I already see it as a source of my tweets :) Design is very simple and welcoming. Had chat with @dominikg about how refind works behind the curtain and yeah really liked the transparency refind has
@dominikg I don't see Delicious in your landscape, can you say more about how you're "taking up on where they left off"? Also: can we import our old bookmarks from Delicious or other services?
@eliservescent Thanks for your interest in this. Delicious pioneered social bookmarking in 2003 but innovation seems to have stopped a long time ago. We currently don't see a place to save and re-find the best links you discover on the web, and we want to change that. We believe it is a very basic and useful metaphor, and much different from reading lists like Pocket, etc. And yes, you can import your browser bookmarks but also from services like Delicious, see Does that answer your question?
@eliservescent You've probably seen these, but just in case... Here we describe why we're building it: And here's how we see it in relation to Read Later:
@dominikg Great product! Wouldn't be surprised if Pocket made an offer.
I've known @dominikg since his days at Wuala (which he sold to LaCie). I've also been in active communication with him over the launch of Refind for several months and his tenacity, responsiveness, and care about the details reminds me of so many early Web 2.0 app launches. As he and I discussed the need for Refind and its best use cases, I came to really value his intended direction: to help separate the day-to-day wheat from the chaff, and provide an enduring archive or the best and most useful links *over time*. In an age where we're all washed in a digital deluge, it's nice to finally have a life raft to climb into.
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@chrismessina Thanks a lot, Chris. I really want to get this right and your help over the last months has been enormous!
@dominikg @chrismessina I remember loving Wuala back when it was only in German (pre-Dropbox era)! It's exciting to see you on to other great things! I can't wait to use it.
I've been using Refind for a few months now, and it has become part of my workflow. I use it to save all the interesting and relevant things I come across that I want to find again later, and never knew before what to do with. Their Pocket integration is especially helpful for me. Because it's a curated community, Refind also lets me discover lots of great content and resources I would otherwise not have found.
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This is really cool.
@s_craper Thanks, that's great to hear! :)
I have been using Refind for a few months and have seen how it has been evolving and shaping up into a really useful and nice product. Over that time it has become part of my routine. I see something interesting, something that I think could help me later, something that I want to add to the body of knowledge I have easy access to, I store it in Refind with one click. The biggest part for me is not the repository of knowledge that I am building though - it is the social aspects of the product. A new tab extension allows me to see the links stored by people I follow and the quality of those links has been very high - although I have to be diligent with unfollowing noisy people that do not fit my interest spectrum. The Refind stream has drastically reduced my Twitter usage as I just get my daily dose of inspiring articles and content there.