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"Why can't I recommend people straight away, is it invite-only? Not in the traditional sense. You can sign up and edit your profile, but to carry out your own recommending, you'll have to be recommended yourself. This means that everyone who joins the service has been recommended by an existing, trusted member. And so the chain of quality continues through every sign up." *I really like this. Keeps quality high and may also help growth early on.
Hey, I outlined my thoughts on the purpose of Referrral over on the FAQ page: saves me copy&pasting here!
I was thinking the domain must be very expensive, then I noticed referral is with 3 r's :) Do you plan on adding more info to referrals, such as 'I am recommending Jack for Python because we built pythonbazinga website together'? I find LinkedIn endorsements dull and this could be a differentiator. Are you planning to bring employers on board, like ?
@gozdeaksay totally on board with beefing up what a "recommendation" means. Would rather it be more than a simple click of a button, so it looks like a one-liner description + relevant URL might be the best bet. Yes, I think if it goes well enough, and it gets enough usage, then I was thinking of charging for access to a dashboard which would offer advanced search/queries to find potential hires.
Good to see @jongold's cheery face on the homepage. :) @benhowdle - I'm digging the minimalistic design. Something that's missing IMHO is whether these people are available for hire. I might look through Jon's recommended designers but there's a good chance they're not available for work right now. Thoughts on this? I would also like to be able to jump to their portfolio without having to first navigate to their Referrral profile.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan. All points taken on board. Once you sign up, there is an option in the profile settings to display a "hire me" button on your profile. This is off by default. Yes, I agree it would be handy to jump off to the portfolio from the mini-user card, but I was just aware of overcrowding the UI for it, but it's certainly something I'll work up!
@benhowdle oh, good call. I didn't see that.
Reminded me of 2 seemingly unrelated posts: and @benhowdle, could this be considered an "unbundled" LinkedIn "Endorse xyz for"?