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Hey, Thanks for hunting Justin! Eric, cofounder at PaveIQ here. We built this tool because we were frustrated by spam like 'social-buttons.xyz' and 'top1-seo-service.com' mucking up our Google Analytics data. Every time we applied a filter to block one spam bot, a new one pops up a few days later. So we built this for our users and decided to share it - cause spam sucks :) - it installs filters for future data and segments for existing data - updates filters automatically when new spam bots are detected - it's free! We'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
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@eric_ho Great product which we all need. How do you keep track of new spam bots which spawn up at an incredibly fast pace and are hard to stay ahead of.
@trivediravi Thanks! We have a network of sites using our main product and we update our list every day a new bot is detected.
@eric_ho Thank you SO MUCH Eric this has saved me so much time and has a lovely interface. I must ask, your checkboxes in the interface, they are a thing of beauty. Are they your own or can I get some of those in my life?
@eric_ho You are doing the lord's work here. Thank you...
We (and so many others) deal with this. We ended up filtering out clusters of IP addresses that were obviously bots. How do you detect new spam bots, @eric_ho?
@rrhoover Hopefully you'll find this useful :) We have a network of sites using our main product and we update our list every day a new bot is detected.
Awesome! Why is it free, what's the catch?
@rgawdzik No catch, we just hate spam! We had 90% of the infrastructure built out for our paying users anyways so we figured it would be worth the extra bit of work to open it up to everyone. p.s. also UW alum here!
@eric_ho Awesome, great to hear!
This. Is. Awesome. I was just thinking that I wish someone made this automatic. Thank you! Also wondering why Google doesn't do this themselves?
@joshdance I was going to suggest you also try Loganix (which works great for me), but then I realized you left the exact same message over there, haha. https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@joshdance Some job is left to be done for developers and making money while doing that :)
This really isn't a problem for anyone actively using GA, and in a way is good because now people are learning about filters and segments. But completely understand the market who would use this service, but do they know the implications of opening up their GA account to API access for you guys? There's zero privacy disclaimer
@barryhand was wondering about security as well - perhaps there could be a chrome extension implementation that sets up and installs and updates without giving up credentials?
@passingnotes @barryhand We actually only ask for edit privileges in the Management API. This means that we have 0 access to your actual Google Analytics data other that how your account is set up (i.e. for filters).
@barryhand Granting API access to my precious analytics? Scary. Most people could add a hostname filter to only include traffic from their whitelisted hostname(s) instead of trying to keep up with the ghost spammers. Also, always remember to keep a completely unfiltered property so you have the raw data in case you screw up your filters and need to segment retroactively. https://moz.com/blog/stop-ghost-...
@barryhand why isn't this a problem for folks actively using GA? (Curious)
@thomaspryor It's very easy to fix with a hostname filter and a little regex knowledge. I've not seen any decently hosted secure website impacted too negatively either.